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In 2001, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT) became the first and only non-profit funding agency to embrace a progressive vision for the underfunded, but exceptionally promising, discipline of cancer cell and gene therapy. The organization quickly became a catalytic force in shaping entirely new cancer treatment models by identifying, funding, and advancing the most innovative and impactful translational research in cell and gene therapies.

ACGT’s funding in 2004 of Drs. Carl June and Michel Sadelain led to the first clinical trial breakthroughs and FDA approvals of CAR T-cell therapies breakthroughs that continue to drive the expanding cell and gene therapy pipeline today.

While we have made incredible breakthroughs, there are still huge unmet needs – especially in advancing the potential of cancer cell and gene therapies for solid tumors — to which ACGT is committed to driving significant impact. 100% of all public donations directly support Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s research and programs.

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