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Gale Scott


Promising Gene Therapy for Heart Failure

March 30, 2016

There have been promising results in a Phase II trial showing that gene transfer treatment of patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction was safe and successful in over 90% of patients.

Anti-B Cell Therapy Helps Little with Some Sjogren's Syndrome Symptoms

November 08, 2015

A research team in the UK looked at how well rituximab (Rituxan/Genentech) improved the Sjogren's Syndrome symptoms of fatigue and dry mouth.

Live Sheep Cell Injections? CDC Says 'Bah'

September 30, 2015

Live cell therapy--an unproven treatment involving injections of live fetal cells from sheep--is legal in Germany. A group of New Yorkers who went there to make them younger and healthier got Q fever instead, the CDC reports.

Promising Results on Gene Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

September 09, 2015

California researchers report good results in a phase II study of a gene therapy for congestive heart failure. The news comes five months after Celladon's Mydicar gene therapy for CHF failed to meet its trial's endpoints.

MS Stem Cell Treatments Show 3-Year Benefit

December 29, 2014

Treating patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) with autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) has worked for most patients based on an interim report 3 years into a study. But the therapy has risks that critics say outweigh the benefits.