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Deyaa Adib, MD, on Targeting HER2 in Solid Tumors With the TAC Platform

July 25th 2022

The chief medical officer of Triumvira Immunologics discussed promising early results from the company’s phase 1/2 clinical trial.

Peter Bross, MD, on the Importance of Transparency and Communication With the FDA

July 24th 2022

The chief of the oncology branch of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA discussed how academia and industry can work best with regulatory agencies.

Deyaa Adib, MD, on Using T-Cell Antigen Coupler Technology to Target Solid Tumors

July 23rd 2022

The chief medical officer of Triumvira Immunologics discussed the company’s TAC platform and its versatile target-recognizing domain.

Pursuing Strategic Partnerships in Cell Therapy

July 19th 2022

Raphaël G. Ognar, chief executive officer and co-founder of NKILT Therapeutics, discussed approaches to help increase patient access to cell therapies.

Geoffrey Hodge on Developing CAR T-Cell Therapies for Solid Tumors

July 16th 2022

Geoffrey Hodge, chief executive officer of SOTIO Biotech US, discussed the company's development of the BOXR cell therapy platform.

Alba Gonzalez-Junca, PhD, on Logic-gated CAR-NK Cell Development

July 12th 2022

The associate director of Research at Senti Biosciences discussed the company's research on using logic-gated CAR-NK cells for the treatment of AML and solid tumors.

Gavin Macbeath, PhD, on Screening for Off-Target Effects

July 10th 2022

The chief scientific officer at TScan Therapeutics discussed the company’s SafetyScan technology.

Michael Leek, PhD, on Manufacturing Challenges in Cell Therapy

July 8th 2022

The co-founder and executive chairman of TC BioPharm discussed his thoughts on the regulatory, logistical, and quality hurdles of manufacturing cell therapies.

Serena De Vita, MD, PhD, on Speedy Manufacturing of PHE885 for Multiple Myeloma

July 8th 2022

The senior director and clinical program leader, Translational Clinical Oncology at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, discussed new data from the phase 1 study.

Jeffrey Miller, MD, on Improving NK Cells for Solid and Hematologic Malignancies

July 7th 2022

The professor of medicine and University of Minnesota Medical School discussed the advantages and unmet needs of natural killer cells in oncology.