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Amod Sarnaik, MD, on New Frontiers in Cell Therapy for Advanced Melanoma

November 23rd 2022

Sarnaik discussed several potential areas of innovation on the horizon.

Terese Hammond, MD, on Investigating iNKT Cells in COVID-Associated ARDS

November 18th 2022

The director of the CCU/ICU at Saint John’s Health Center discussed unmet respiratory treatment needs in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amod Sarnaik, MD, on Lifileucel’s Place in the Treatment Lanscape for Advanced Melanoma

November 17th 2022

Sarnaik discussed the investigational TIL therapy’s potential as an additional option for patients.

Combination Adenovirus Therapy Shows Survival Gains in Newly Diagnosed High-Grade Glioma

November 17th 2022

CAN-2409 transduces tumor cells with the thymidine kinase gene, sensitizes these cells to valacyclovir, and stimulates patients’ immune response.

CT-0508 Demonstrates Cytotoxicity in Solid Tumors

November 16th 2022

Updated data from a first-in-human trial were presented at the SITC 2022 meeting.

KRAS-Directed TCR Therapy Shows Promising Preclinical Efficacy and Safety

November 15th 2022

AFNT-111 showed anti-tumor activity in NSG mouse models of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colon cancer.

Omid Hamid, MD, on Improving Duration of Response in Refractory Melanoma With Lifileucel

November 15th 2022

The chief of research and immunotherapy at Cedars-Sinai The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute discussed updated data from the phase 2 C-144-01 study of the lifileucel TIL therapy.

HLA LOH-Targeting Tmod Cell Therapies Demonstrate Selective Killing of Tumor Cells in Mice

November 13th 2022

A2B530 and A2B694 target CEA and MSLN cells that have HLA loss of heterozygosity.

Personalized TCR Therapy Safe, Feasible in First-in-Human Trial

November 12th 2022

Among the 16 patients treated in the trial, 5 showed stable disease after treatment.

CRISPR-CAR T Therapy Yields First Allogeneic Complete Response in R/R Solid Tumors

November 11th 2022

Data from the COBALT-RCC study in renal cell carcinoma were presented at SITC 2022.