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Silas Inman

Silas Inman, Senior Vice President, Content, joined MJH Life Sciences™ in early 2011 as one of the company's first web editors. In this position, he built OncLive.com from a fledgling web platform to a leading source of oncology news for community oncologists via in-depth reporting of breaking news from major medical conferences and the launch of OncLive® TV.

Throughout his tenure at MJH, Silas has been accountable for several organic launches of highly successful brands, including Targeted Oncology™ and NeurologyLive®, and for quickly transforming acquisitions into high-functioning business units. Prior to joining MJH, Silas, who attended Eastern Michigan University, was an EMT, frontend web developer, and social media/SEO expert. Follow him on Twitter @SilasInman or email him at [email protected]