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Chris Bond, PhD, on Allogeneic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Approaches to Cell Therapy

October 24th 2022

The senior vice president of Research & Early Development at Notch Therapeutics discussed the company’s approach to overcoming the drawbacks of autologous cell therapies.

Devon J. Shedlock, PhD, on Shifting from Autologous to Allogeneic Therapies

October 14th 2022

The chief scientific officer of cell therapy at Poseida Therapeutics discussed the company’s CAR-T and TCR technologies.

Nick Boyle, PhD, on Advantages of In Vivo CAR Therapies

October 10th 2022

The chief executive officer of Abintus Bio discussed the company’s in vivo approach and how it could help expand patient access to cell therapies.

Evan Zynda, PhD, on Optimizing Manufacturing to Increase Access to Cell Therapy

October 8th 2022

The senior scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific discussed the company’s approach to scaling and strategic partnerships.

Treating Autoimmune Diseases With Smarter Cell Therapies

October 6th 2022

Karen Walker, chief technology officer, Kyverna Therapeutics, discussed the company’s CAR T-cell and regulatory T-cell technologies.

Christine Coughlin, MD, PhD, on TRACK-NK Technology in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

October 5th 2022

The chief executive officer of Cytoimmune discussed the company’s technology platforms and programs.

Sid Kerkar, MD, on Developing CAR T Therapies Without Lymphodepletion Chemotherapy

October 4th 2022

The vice president of oncology and research and development at Exuma Biotech discussed the company’s platforms, including CAR-TaNK cells.

Working With the Community to Improve Patient Access to Trials, Therapies

September 30th 2022

Rob Richards, administrative director, cell therapy and transplant, University of Pennsylvania, discussed improving reach of gene therapy trials and therapies.

Marty Giedlin, PhD, on Advantages of Allogeneic NK Cell Therapy Approaches

September 29th 2022

The senior vice president of Technical Operations at Senti Biosciences discussed the company’s NK cell logic-gating platform and allogeneic approach.