Devon J. Shedlock, PhD, on Shifting from Autologous to Allogeneic Therapies


The chief scientific officer of cell therapy at Poseida Therapeutics discussed the company’s CAR-T and TCR technologies.

“We have developed an allogeneic CAR-T platform that we're expanding into TCRs. The nice thing about our platform is that because we're using the PiggyBac transposon technology, we’re able to have a larger CAR capacity. That easily enables the coexpression of a TCR along with a safety switch and a selection gene, with a CAR included as well.I think that's something that we can really leverage in our approach.”

Devon J. Shedlock, PhD, chief scientific officer, cell therapy, at Poseida Therapeutics, gave a presentation entitled “A Fully Allogeneic Tscm-based TCR-T Platform for Cncology & Beyond” on Poseida’s emerging technologies at the 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit, held September 19-22, 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Poseida Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of autologous and allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies for the treatment of both solid and liquid tumors, as well as rare diseases and hematological conditions. In his presentation, Shedlock discussed the company’s shift towards T-cell receptor (TCR) therapies and allogeneic therapies and the reasons behind this.

Shedlock discussed the Poseida’s TCR platform and its advantages in an interview with CGTLive. He touched on 2 of the company’s lead allogeneic programs right now, P-MUC1C-ALLO1 for solid tumors and P-BCMA-ALLO1 for multiple myeloma. He also shared his thoughts on why allogeneic CAR Ts are the future of the cell therapy space.

Shedlock D. A fully allogeneic Tscm-based TCR-T platform for oncology & beyond. Presented at: 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit. September 19-22, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts.
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