CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind – May 6, 2022

Review top news and interview highlights from the week ending May 6, 2022.

Welcome to CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind! We’ve compiled 5 highlights from this week’s coverage of advances in gene and cell therapies, including FDA actions, notable research, and interviews with experts across the field.

1. FDA Fast Tracks Graphite Bio's Sickle Cell Disease Gene-Edited Cell Therapy

Enrollment is ongoing in the phase 1 CEDAR trial, which plans to dose the first patient later in 2022.

2. CART-ddBCMA Produces Deep, Durable Responses in Early Phase 1 Results for RRMM

Rami Elghandour, chairman and CEO of Arcellx, shares updates on the phase 1 trial of CART-ddBCMA for the treatment of subjects with relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma.

3. Treatment With OpRegen Shows Improvement in Visual Acuity, Cell Persistence in Dry AMD

New data from cohort 4 showed outer retinal restoration following treatment with OpRegen.

4. Keeping Patients at the Center of CAR T-Cell Therapy Development: Jennifer Chow

The CEO and managing director of Chimeric Therapeutics hopes to contribute to the narrative with a handful of offerings in development across 2 platforms: CORE-NK, which uses allogeneic natural killer cells, and T-cell derived autologous therapies.

5. Neutralizing Antibodies to AAV Vector for AMD Gene Therapy May Boost Therapeutic Effect

The post-hoc analysis of the OPTIC trial explored the effects of neutralizing antibodies on patients treated with ADVM-002.