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Real-World Luxturna Data Shows Good Efficacy, New Adverse Reaction in Retinal Dystrophy

May 6th 2022

Investigators presented up to 2 years of post-marketing data on the first-ever gene therapy.

AGTC-501 Efficacy Maintained in 18-Month Follow Up Data for X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa

May 5th 2022

Updated data at ARVO show that AGTC-501 had sustained efficacy and safety at 18 months for patients with X-linked retinitis pigmentosa caused by RPGR mutations.

Advancements in Gene Therapy for Retinal Diseases

May 5th 2022

Veeral S. Sheth, MD, MBA, Director of Clinical Research at the University of Retina and Macula Associates, discusses advanced therapies for retinal diseases.

Treatment With OpRegen Shows Improvement in Visual Acuity, Cell Persistence in Dry AMD

May 2nd 2022

New data from cohort 4 showed outer retinal restoration following treatment with OpRegen.

Neutralizing Antibodies to AAV Vector for AMD Gene Therapy May Boost Therapeutic Effect

May 2nd 2022

The post-hoc analysis of the OPTIC trial explored the effects of neutralizing antibodies on patients treated with ADVM-002.

ADVM-022 Gene Therapy for nAMD May Reduce Anti-VEGF Injection Burden

May 3rd 2021

The single-injection investigative gene therapy may help with providing continuous expression of aflibercept.

Gene Therapy BIIB112 Promising for X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa

May 3rd 2021

The AAV8 vector–based gene therapy was associated with improvements in 2 measures of visual function.

Imaging End Points a Good Indicator of Therapeutic Response in Retinitis Pigmentosa

May 3rd 2021

Optical coherence tomography characteristics may be predictive of the efficacy of intravitreal injection of allogeneic human retinal progenitor cells, according to research presented at ARVO 2021.