CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind – November 10, 2023


Review top news and interview highlights from the week ending November 10, 2023.

CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind – November 10, 2023

CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind – November 10, 2023

Welcome to CGTLive™’s Weekly Rewind! We’ve compiled 5 highlights from this week’s coverage of advances in gene and cell therapies, including FDA actions, notable research, and interviews with experts across the field.

1. Adzynma Engineered ERT Therapy Approved for Prophylactic, On-Demand cTTP Treatment

The therapy was previously granted priority review in May 2023.

2. Ben Creelan, MD, on the Potential of Cell Therapy in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

The medical oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center discussed 3 different approaches to cell therapy that could lead to new treatment options in the field.

3. Medeor’s Cell Therapy MDR-101 Allows Patients to Taper off Immunosuppression Following Kidney Transplant

Among 20 patients who received MDR-101, 12 have completed participation in the trial and have not taken their immunosuppression therapy for 2 years.

4. Michael Kelly, PhD, on Continuing Progress in Muscular Dystrophy in 2024

The chief scientific officer of CureDuchenne discussed research he is looking forward to seeing in 2024.

5. Lynch Syndrome Neoantigen Vaccine is Well-Tolerated, Demonstrates Immunogenicity

Microsatellite instability (MSI) tumors are frequently found in people with Lynch syndrome, one of the most common hereditary colorectal cancers.

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