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CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind – September 16, 2022

Review top news and interview highlights from the week ending September 16, 2022.

Welcome to CGTLive’s Weekly Rewind! We’ve compiled 5 highlights from this week’s coverage of advances in gene and cell therapies, including FDA actions, notable research, and interviews with experts across the field.

1. IL13Rα2 Universal CAR T Therapy Shows Antitumor Activity in Recurrent Glioma

MT026 had an overall response rate of 83.3% in a first-in-human, investigator-initiated trial.

2. Phase 1 Clinical Trial Will Assess CAR-T With Genetic and Epigenetic Reprogramming for Solid Tumors

Improved functional activity compared to ROR-1-targeted CAR-T therapies without the 2 forms of reprogramming was demonstrated in preclinical studies.

3. Ide-Cel to Be Evaluated in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

The announcement comes after positive top-line results in the ongoing KarMMa-3 study.

4. ICER Throws Support Behind Clinical, Cost Value of Hemophilia Gene Therapies in Draft Report

A substantial benefit noted for EtranaDez and val-rox is that they are delivered as a single-dose.

5. Weijia Fang, MD, and Tianhang Luo, MD, on EpCAM-Targeted CAR-T Therapy in Advanced Colorectal and Gastric Cancer

Fang recently presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2022 Congress.