Vlad Hogenhuis, MD, MBA, on Developing Controllable CAR Ts for Solid Tumors


The chief executive officer of Chimera Bioengineering discussed CBIO-007 and its planned IND submission for colorectal and triple negative breast cancer.

"Chimera’s GOLD technology is rooted in the observation that natural T lymphocytes are adept at controlling when and where they produce potent anti-tumor proteins called cytokines. They have discovered important details about how natural T cells control cytokine production, and have used this understanding to design engineered CAR-T cells that produce extremely potent anti-tumor proteins, like Interleukin-12 (IL-12), only upon interaction with a tumor."

Chimera Bioengineering is aiming to address challenges with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies with the use of their GOLD platform technology that arms CAR T therapies with immunomodulatory payloads, such as cytokines like interleukin-12.

Chimera is preparing to submit an investigational new drug application (IND) for its lead candidate CBIO-007for the end of 2023 to be able to evaluate the therapy in a phase 1 trial on the east coast. The therapy is targeted toward the tn-mucin1 antigen, and the phase 1 trial will initially evaluate the therapy in colorectal cancer and triple negative breast cancer.

CGTLive spoke with Vlad Hogenhuis, MD, MBA, chief executive officer and board member, Chimera Bioengineering, to learn more about the company and its technologies. He discussed advantages of the GOLD platform as well as preclinical efficacy if CBIO-007 previously observed.

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