Paul Harmatz, MD


Paul Harmatz, MD, on Reducing GAGs in MPS Type 2 With RGX-121 Gene Therapy

The pediatric gastroenterologist and professor in residence at University of California at San Francisco discussed updated data from the phase 1/2 CAMPSIITE trial presented at ASGCT 2023.

Alex Herrera, MD


CAR T as Frontline Therapy for DLBC Lymphoma: Alex Herrera, MD

The hematologist/oncologist from City of Hope discussed the potential for CAR T-cell therapy in earlier lines of treatment for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Roberto Giugliani, MD, PhD


Roberto Giugliani, MD, PhD, on Advantages of Gene Therapy in MPS Type 2

The professor of genetics at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul discussed how RGX-121 has the potential to change the treatment landscape of MPSII.

Ashling Wahner


Liso-Cel Approval Expands CAR T-Cell Access in LBCL

Nilanjan Ghosh, MD, PhD, discussed the impact of liso-cel's approval.

Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg, MD


Risk Alleles in Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg, MD

The ophthalmologist from John A. Moran Eye Center discussed the close association between disease progression and uncovered risk alleles.

Michael Jain, MD, PhD


Frederick Locke, MD, and Michael Jain, MD, PhD, on Why Some Patients With Lymphoma Do Not Respond to Cellular Immunotherapy

CancerNetwork® was joined by 2 clinicians from Moffitt Cancer Center to discuss why some patients do not respond to CAR T-cell therapy, despite the significant promise of the treatment modality.

Marco Davila, MD, PhD


Marco Davila, MD, PhD, on Investigating Mechanisms of CAR T Resistance in B-cell Malignancies

The vice chair for cellular therapies at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center discussed new research from the center presented at the 2023 Tandem Meetings.

Serena Fasano, MD, PhD


CAR T Therapy Yields Remission in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Five patients with lupus treated with anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy are now in remission.

Irene Agodoa, MD


Irene Agodoa, MD, on Addressing GVHD Risks in Treating Hematologic Malignancies

The senior vice president and head of medical affairs at Orca Bio discussed how Orca-T has been developed to lower the risk of graft-versus-host disease.

Anita Kumar, MD


Addressing Unmet Needs in Mantle Cell Lymphoma With CAR T Therapy: Anita Kumar, MD

The medical oncologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discussed efforts made to address areas of unmet need in mantle cell lymphoma.

Jan Joseph Melenhorst, PhD


Achieving Remission in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia With CD4+ CAR T-Cells: Jan Joseph Melenhorst, PhD

The translational immunologist and research professor at Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, discussed persistence of CD4+ CAR T-cells in CLL.

Edward Holland, MD


Treating Endothelial Disease With One Cornea Donor

Edward Holland, MD, chief medical advisor, discussed an injectable technique where one cornea donor could potentially supply hundreds of patients with treatment for endothelial disease.

Paul Rennert


Improving Safety With CAR Engager Proteins

Paul Rennert, president and chief scientific officer of Aleta BioTherapeutics, discussed the company’s research on CAR T therapies.

Magali Taiel, MD


Gene Therapy for Retinal and Neurological Diseases

Magali Taiel, MD, chief medical officer, GenSight Biologics, discussed future research the company plans to pursue.

David S. Hong, MD


David S. Hong, MD, on the SURPASS Clinical Trial and TCR T-cell Therapy in Solid Tumors

Hong presented data from the SURPASS clinical trial at the 2022 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress.

Swati Naik, MBBS


Swati Naik, MBBS, on Investigating CD123-CAR T Therapy for Relapsed AML

The assistant member at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital discussed updated data from a phase 1 study being conducted at the hospital.

Jeffrey Miller, MD


Jeffrey Miller, MD, on Emerging Research With Natural Killer Cells

The deputy director of the Masonic Cancer Center discussed trends of presentations from ESMO 2022.

Zinaida Good, PhD


Zinaida Good, PhD, on Exploring CAR-T Expansion Through Lineage Tracing

The instructor at Stanford Institutes of Medicine discussed the key takeaways of her research into the factors that affect CAR-T expansion.

Shannon L. Maude, MD, PhD


Shannon L. Maude, MD, PhD, on Favorable Safety of Tisagenlecleucel in Pediatric B-ALL

The oncologist from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia discussed long-term safety data with tisagenlecleucel in pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Richard G. Fessler, MD


Richard Fessler, MD, on Progress With Cell Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury

The professor of neurosurgery at Rush University Medical School discussed the potential of Lineage Cell’s LCTOPC1 cell therapy.

John Parkinson


Applying a Novel Gene Editing Approach to Chronic Hepatitis B

Precision Bio is taking a novel approach to gene editing to deploy a cure for patients with chronic hepatitis B.

Leticia Tordesillas, PhD


Leticia Tordesillas, PhD, on the Potential of γδ CAR T-cells to Treat Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer

The research scientist at Moffitt Cancer Center discussed the results of the preclinical study she presented at the 2023 AACR annual meeting and avenues for further research.

Robert Ang, MBBS, MBA


Future Research With Stem Cell Therapies in Hematologic Malignancies

The chief executive and chief medical officers of Vor Biopharma discussed the company’s future research and plans.

Alexandra Lisi


Alexandra Lisi on Scaling Manufacturing Efficiency to Support Cell Therapy

The cell therapy field applications staff scientist at ThermoFisher discussed advantages of the company’s DynaCellect system.

Surbhi Sidana, MD


Surbhi Sidana, MD, on Assessing Ide-cel in Patients With R/R Multiple Myeloma and Renal Impairment

The assistant professor of medicine, bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy, Stanford, discussed favorable data from a real-world experience study.

Martin Harp


IND for Gene Replacement Therapy for Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Cleared by FDA

The company is developing a one-time, non-AAV2 gene replacement therapy to restore, treat, and prevent blindness of patients with RPE65 mutation-associated retinopathies.

Lynne Lederman, PhD


Later-Generation Cell Therapies Increase Utility in Hematologic Malignancies

CAR T-cell therapy use will likely expand to a wider array of hematologic malignancies.

Samir Parekh, MD


Samir Parekh, MD, on Surprising Efficacy of Sequential T-Cell Redirection Therapy in Multiple Myeloma

The director of translational research in myeloma at the Tisch Cancer Institute discussed the relevance of the new research as more CAR T therapies come to market.

Jay Barth, MD


Jay Barth, MD, on Ascidian Therapeutics' Developments in Gene Therapy

CGTLive's sister publication spoke with Barth, the chief medical officer at Ascidian, about the company’s attempts to develop a new method of administration for gene therapy at ARVO 2023.

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