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Jason Fontenot, PhD, on Reducing the Need for Immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation

The chief scientific officer of Sangamo Therapeutics discussed the first-in-human STEADFAST trial.

“[The STEADFAST trial] has a lot of potential because there are some real problems with the systemic immune suppression used to treat most transplants. It's also the first stepping stone for using regulatory T-cells as a therapy for many other autoimmune diseases. In that way, it's a proof of concept.”

A first-in-human trial (NCT04817774) is evaluating the chimeric antigen receptor regulatory T-cell (CAR-Treg) therapy TX200-TR101 (Sangamo Therapeutics) in achieving allograft acceptance in patients with end-stage renal disease after HLA-A02-mismatched renal transplantation.

An overview of the study, which has dosed its first participant, was presented by Katharina H. Schreeb, MD, PhD, head of autoimmune and oncology, Sangamo Therapeutics, at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy 25th Annual Meeting (ASGCT), held in Washington, DC, and virtually May 16-19, 2022.

CGTLive spoke with Jason Fontenot, PhD, senior vice president and chief scientific officer, Sangamo Therapeutics, to learn more about the study and the advantages of TX200-TR101 in this setting and autoimmune diseases. He discussed the next steps for the study.

Schreeb KH, Culme-Seymour E, Dumont C, Hsu B, Atkinson G. STEADFAST: A first-in-human study assessing HLA-A02-chimeric antigen receptor regulatory T cells in renal transplantation. Presented at: ASCGT 2022, May 16-19, 2022, Washington DC. Abstract #798.