Tackling Deceased Kidney Transplant and Severe Scleroderma With Cell Therapy


Scott Requadt, chief executive officer, Talaris Therapeutics, discussed the phase 2 FREEDOM-3 trial and preclinical studies of the cell therapy FCR-001.

“We’re exploring addressing other settings where allogeneic stem cell transplant has been a standard of care. There are other nonmalignant hematological or immune disorders, in which stem cell transplants replace diseased cells with healthy cells from a healthy donor. The potential to do so with nonmyeloablative conditioning and across HLA mismatch barriers would makeit easier to find a pool of eligible donors and that would be an important advance."

Talaris Therapeutics is working toward being able to reprogram the immune system for a variety of immune indications.So far, their work in solid organ transplant has shown promise in chimerizing the immune system to tolerate both donor and host cells.1

Talaris is evaluating their cell therapy candidate FCR-001 in their lead program for living kidney transplant, another program in diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc), and a preclinical program in deceased kidney transplant.2

GeneTherapyLive spoke with Scott Requadt, chief executive officer, Talaris Therapeutics, to learn more about the FREEDOM-3 trial assessing FCR-001 in dcSSc and how the cell therapy candidate could improve outcomes in these patients. He also discussed advantages of Talaris’ in-house cell manufacturing and the preclinical program in deceased kidney transplant.

1. Talaris Therapeutics provides first FREEDOM-1 phase 3 clinical update and presents additional phase 2 data and analyses at American Society of Nephrology Meeting. News release. Talaris Therapeutics. November 4, 2021. https://ir.talaristx.com/news-releases/news-release-details/talaris-therapeutics-provides-first-freedom-1-phase-3-clinical
2. Talaris Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Phase 2 Clinical Trial of FCR001 in Individuals with a Severe Form of Scleroderma. News release. Talaris Therapeutics. November 30, 2021. https://ir.talaristx.com/news-releases/news-release-details/talaris-therapeutics-announces-initiation-phase-2-clinical-0
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